Where to Find the Best Gelato in Rome

No trip to Rome would be complete without several scoops of glorious gelato, from as many gelaterias as possible. There are thousands of places to find it across the city, ranging from ‘good‘, to ‘great’ to ‘yee Gods, this must have been sent by the gods themselves‘. During my time living in Rome, I consumed more than my fair share of high-quality gelato, packed with flavour from fresh, natural ingredients. In this post, I’d like to share my personal recommendations about where to find the best gelato in the city.

Biscottificio Artigiano Innocenti (Via della Luce, Trastevere). This cute bakery is found on one of the many little cobblestone streets in Trastevere. It sells an assortment of delicious homemade cakes, biscuits, and pastries. Go in, make your choice then gobble them up while exploring this beautiful and colourful district. 

Come il Latte (Via Silvio Spaventa, near Repubblica/Barberini). Their salted caramel is insanely good! You can also add flavoured whipped cream on top for free, ranging from chocolate, vanilla, coffee to zabaglione.

Fatamorgana (Multiple branches including Via dei Chiavari and Via Roma Libera). The flavour options in this gelateria are incredible – dozens of chocolate flavours, fruity ones, all the classics and some wacky ones! Some of their best flavours include white wine and strawberry, matcha tea, baklava, banana and toasted sesame seeds and chocolate & tobacco. My all-time favourite flavour is pecorino cheese & orange peel. It’s just sublime… and seasonal, so catch it when you can.

Frigidarium (Via del Governo Vecchio, near Piazza Navona). A very popular gelateria with tourists so expect a queue! Once you’ve selected your flavours, you’ll be asked if you want white or dark chocolate poured onto your gelato. Say yes! The chocolate quickly hardens to create a hard shell, which is fun to crack into for the gelato goodness underneath.

Gelateria dell’Angeletto (Via dell’Angeletto, Monti). This gelateria in the heart of Monti, one of Rome’s most charming neighbourhoods, serves up well-made gelato with a range of interesting flavours.

Gelateria La Romana, (Multiple branches including Via Ostiense, Via Venti Settembre and Via Cola di Rienzo). One of the very best! They have many classic flavours and some more unusual ones. It is a popular place – you may need to queue. Ask for (free) melted white or milk chocolate to be poured into the base of your cone!

Gelateria del Teatro (Two branches – Via dei Coronari and Lungotevere dei Vallati). Their gelato is of exceptional quality and they offer some really unique flavour combinations like pumpkin with dark chocolate (so good), white chocolate & basil, raspberry & sage, and red wine & dark chocolate. Their regular flavours are delicious as well and all the gelato is freshly made on-site.

Gelato San Lorenzo (Via Tiburtina, San Lorenzo). If you are in this lively, trendy neighbourhood near Termini, you should definitely check out this gelateria. One of my favourite gelato flavours is Pistacchio di Bronte, and the one served here is delicious. They also offer waffles and crepes.

Panna & Co (Via Marmorata, Testaccio). Quieter than nearby La Romana but very high quality. They have some great flavours – including several types of chocolate of varying richness and cocoa content. Their coconut is divine and I like their seasonal plum flavour, adorably translated as ‘Plums from my grandma’s garden’.

Torcè (Multiple branches including Viale Aventino and Viale Guglielmo Marconi). This gelateria chain is well worth a trip. It offers the classic flavours we all know and love… as well as more unusual and creative flavours like gorgonzola, red pepper, wasabi or celery.

And now, I am really really craving icecream. I hope these recommendations come in handy for your next holiday to Rome. If I haven’t mentioned your favourite gelateria, please share it in the comments!

Ciao for now

The Curious Sparrow


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