About me

Hello friends, family, kindred spirits and random strangers. Whether you came across my blog deliberately or by chance, welcome!

In this post, I’ll introduce myself, explain what led me to start a blog, why I have chosen the name The Curious Sparrow, what interests me and what you can expect from future posts.

Who I am?

My name is Izzie. I’m British, born and bred in London. I moved to Rome (Italy) in 2015, then Hamburg (Germany) in 2017. I work as an online English language teacher and hope to continue working & living abroad for as long as I can! If you have any questions about teaching English overseas, or the different teaching qualifications out there, I’ll try to answer them as best I can.

Why have I jumped on the blogging bandwagon?

I am an ideas person. I have dozens and dozens of ideas. Things I want to do, things I want to create, to make and to learn. However, I struggle to transform my ideas into something concrete and tangible. I have picked up and dropped so many hobbies over the years. Behind me there is a wake of unfinished and incomplete projects and dreams. I even have half-written books stored in my head which haven’t made it to paper yet. I didn’t want blogging to be added to the list. I have been talking about blogging for over a year. It is time to stop talking about doing it and actually do it. Maybe I should have started sooner but I kept stalling and postponing. Then wasn’t the right time but now is. Plus it means I will stop posting such lengthy Facebook statuses, clogging up my friends’ newsfeeds and can instead take the thoughts swirling and whirling around my head and consolidate them here.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Hopefully it will interest & entertain you and provide my family and friends with an easy way to keep tabs on me and see what I’ve been up to.

Why The Curious Sparrow?

Curious: Eager to know and learn. I want to know, learn and understand as much as I can about the world we live in and every country and culture in it. I find it fascinating: meeting people from other countries, travelling to different places and learning about how people and their cultures compare and contrast. Their traditions, their customs, their beliefs, their values, their mannerisms, their social code of conduct, their expressions and sayings, their passions and pet peeves. And why a sparrow? Like a bird, I have a compulsion to spread my wings and fly! Ian Tiseo Illustration created my logo and I love it!

What social media accounts do you have?

I am very active on Instagram and my account is The Curious Sparrow. My Twitter account is csparrowtravel. I also use Facebook to share my most recent posts. Come and say hello!

What should you expect from The Curious Sparrow?

I am multifaceted and am passionate about many things. Future posts will be about the highs and lows, excitement, thrills, trials and tribulations that come with living abroad. The ‘Expat Experience’ (as much as I dislike the term) and the things I love, like & dislike about where I am living. I’ll share stories of present and past holidays, my love of photography and food! So hopefully there will be a little something for everyone…..

Ciao for now!

The Curious Sparrow